By John Friia

The countdown to Father’s Day has begun and time is running out to buy a gift. Whether he is an avid sports fan or a beer connoisseur, here are some gifts that will have Dad smiling. 

Original Grain Watch Co.

New Yorkers can make Father’s Day a home run with Original Grain’s limited edited The New York Yankees Watch. Made with the famous blue wood from the original 1923 Yankee Stadium seats, the watch elegantly brings the past to the present. The wood is set against a sleek black stainless steel bracelet and features Swiss movements. Since there is a limited number of wood from the Yankee Stadium seats, Original Grain produced 2,008 available timepieces to represent the final season the closure of the original stadium. The watch is packaged in an exclusive commemorative wooden gift box set with a trophy case for display and interchangeable leather straps. It doesn’t matter what team Dad roots for, the watch is a favorite for any baseball aficionado. 

Ancestry DNA Kit

Instead of giving the typical sports gift or an item of clothing, New Yorkers can give the gift of history to their dads. AncestryDNA gives dads and family members the opportunity to delve into their lineage and discover a heritage they might not have known about. One of the premier genetic testing services, the test combines’s large genealogy database to give dads the chance to find their ancestors. The simple-to-use test is mailed out and the results are sent within a six to eight weeks. The results can open the door to a cultural adventure that may not have been considered.


Whether Dad’s second home is at the gym or busy cooking in the kitchen, Helo is the ideal gift for any type of dad. The sleek device is unlike other wristbands on the market, with its capability to track people’s health through an app anywhere and anytime. Fueled by Toshiba, the wristband comes in blue, black and pink. Various health aspects that are monitored, including blood pressure, fatigue, EKG, mood sensor and a panic button with GPS location coordinates. The wristbands are purchased individually or in packs, and can be handed out to different family members to monitor their health, but New Yorkers are going to want to keep one for themselves. 

Craft A Brew 

Sometimes all a dad wants is a glass of cold beer. Instead of buying a case of the cold stuff, fathers can make their own brew with Craft A Brew. From the amateur beer drinker to the connoisseur, the home beer-brewing kit is an ideal gift for anyone. The kits come with the necessary equipment and ingredients to make a gallon of beer straight from the box. One of things that sets Craft A Brew apart from other home brewing kits is the wide selections of brew styles available. From a gluten-free Belgian Ale to a Chocolate Stout, the company partnered with Sixpoint Brewery to offer exclusive brews. 

Gillette On Demand

A father can always use a clean shave, and Gillette On Demand makes it a little easier. The new program launched by the popular shaving company gives fathers the opportunity to purchase new blades with a simple text message or schedule routine shipments. Once enrolled into the program, dads can text the word BLADES to BLADES and their next order is on its way. There are three types of plans people can join: The Fusion ProShield with four cartridges, the MACH3 Turbo with five cartridges and the Sensor 3 with eight disposable razors. 

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.