VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Nassau County legislator faces domestic violence charges after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend during a heated argument inside their Valley Stream home early Wednesday morning.

Carrie Solages, 38, grabbed his girlfriend by the arm and neck and threw her against a wall, according to court documents. She suffered scratches on her arm and pain in her neck.

Her 15-year-old daughter tried to intervene by jumping on Solages’ back, court documents say.

“These are merely allegations, nothing has been proven. He is certainly a dedicated public servant,” his attorney Brian Griffin said. 

Police said Solage and his girlfriend, who have a 3-year-old child together, were arguing over missing marijuana, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported.

Solages was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Three orders of protection were also issued for his girlfriend and her two children, Hall reported.

Prosecutors said the couple has is a history of unreported domestic violence incidents. Solages allegedly told his girlfriend he owns the police department. 

“Anything that’s unreported you should question whether it ever happened,” Griffin said.

Meanwhile, Kevan Abrahams, the Democratic Minority Leader of the Nassau County legislature, is calling for Solages to resign immediately, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

“We take these allegations very seriously. And as elected officials, we are held to the highest standard. We have to ensure that families and children are safe in this county,” he said.

The Republican legislature has also called for Solages to step down. Legislator Denise Ford told D’Auria it’s important to let the victims know their elected officials believe them.

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  1. Darryl Woody, like Thomas Pizzuto, was also begging for his doctor prescribed medications when he too was attacked, brutalized and tortured by seven guards who failed protect him from injuring himself to get medical attention! In response to Thomas Pizzuto, Thomas Gullota (former County Executive) was ordered to install Video Cameras at NCCC/ NUMC to protect Inmates and staff and to aid in investigations into abuse claims. Nassau County’s Enterprise Corrupt ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano and his Regime has clandestinely collaborated to use public office to undermine this Federal Mandated implemented process by omission and malicious tampering with Government Protected (electronic) Files. “We Can Handle The Truth!” These Video Surveillance Cameras were, ordered by the DA’s Office, was approved by Nassau County’s Legislators who had to vote on the approval. Not one off these “Trusted” elected Public Official have show due diligence in protecting the safety and security of inmates by demanding transparency and full accountability for the preservation and review of this Federally Implemented surveillance tool. How did Nassau County’s “Finest_” Homicide Squad, “fail to take custody of the Video Surveillance Evidence that depicts the direct cause of Darryl Woody’s asphyxiation while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision (Suicide Watch) at NUMC under doctors care for mental observation_”Homicide!” The Federal Government did a mandatory probe because of four incidents of hangings at NCCC. How did the Federal Government over-look the Cameras that the Feds ordered installed(!) This is “A major Scandal!” “What’s Nassau County Got to Hide?” Release the Video!  Ed Mangano’s “Not Going Down Alone!” Rats usually abandon a “Sinking_Ship”  ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano is teaming up with his cony appointed cohorts at NUMC to Once Again wreck-havoc on Nassau County’s residents fiscal budget by engineering a Health-Care Crisis at NCCC to force Nassau County tax-payers to buy into his scene to “Take Nassau County Backwards” “inmate Be Damed!” Before Armor; there was NUMC’s Tragic_Care and Abuse cover-ups!.  “What About Darryl Woody!” His Death May Have Been Prevented if not for the “Gross “Neglect and “Gross” Inadequate Supervision… was the finding of the NYSCOC. It also stated that the two doctors that treated Darryl Woody “Should Be Investigated!”  There was also two doctors that treated and failed to protect Thomas Pizzuto when he was sacrificed to protect killer guards at NCCC. NUMC has proven repeatedly to be “Out Of Compliance in their medical practices and culture of corruption that jeopardize the safety of inmates at NCCC. Now ” Boss’ Mangano and his corrupt affiliates “Friends of the Hospital” are supporting the ‘Bosses’ (hidden) Agenda that endangers lives and cost tax-payers million in litigation and pay-outs.

  2. Where is the Federal Government that placed NCCC under Federal Mandated Consent Decree which ordered the implementation to reform the institutional culture of correctional abuse.  Is the Feds in-bed with Nassau County’s corrupt Administration(!) “The Feds Know!”   “This Is A Major Scandal” being perpetrated against Darryl Woody.  This is a criminal conspiracy that was reported to Michael Goldberger at The Civil Rights Division in New York.  ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano “Got Friends in ‘high-places”  The Federal Government is complicit in this cover-up.  “Who’s Fooling Who(!)”  The Federal Government needs Nassau like Nassau needs the Federal Governments incompetence and support to look the other way on human and Civil Rights Violations and abuse at NCCC. The feds have inmates housed at NCCC that’;s going to court. This is a semiotic relationship shared by the federal Government and NCCC/ NUMC. Lie, Deny, and then Justify is the institutional culture that enables theses human atrocities at the jail to go un-prosecuted. Darryl Woody “Shut It Down!” Now Nassau Country’s Corrupt (federally indicted) County Executive Ed “The Boss’ Mangano wants to use this sheriff’s Department Engineered Disaster to put NUMC Back-In-Charge(!)  NUMC dungeons get a clean “Bill-Of-Health(!) This is Fraud! Waste, Fraud, and Abuse! Abuse of Office and Judicial privileges.  Tampering with Government Protected (electronic) Files  is a Felony in NY that carries unto seven years if convicted_malicious tampering. “Ed Mangano’s Not Going Down alone!” The ‘Boss’ couldn’t have pulled this one off alone! This is “A Major Scandal! “From Thomas Pizzuto to Bartholomew Ryan… “What About Darryl Woody!”  “Suicide Or Homicide(?) “You Decide(!) “Release The Video(s)!  “We Can Handle The Truth!”  “What Does NUMC Have To Hide?”  Nassau Knew About Armor. Nassau also knows about NUMC’s numerous lawsuits.  But thanks to the “Citizens For Good Government Group” leader Dean Hart-less’ ill-advocated  visions to [keep Nassau County taxes dollars in Nassau County]  by teaming with (corrupt) ‘Boss’ Mangano’s hidden agenda to” Go Backwards,” Nassau County is in for a major catastrophe that “May Have Been Prevented!” How many deaths “May Have Been Prevented” by Armor Correctional Health-Care Cooperation is small in comparison to NUMC’s horrors. Local corporate-media and former corrupt Executive Administrations protected NUMC’s reputation by vigorously denying and settling claims with-out admission of responsibility or guilt. This culture still purists in this Corrupt Administration. NUMC is being sued in The Matter Of Darryl Woody’s Death and Nassau County’s Racketeering Leader Ed Mangano, NUMC, NCCC,  and the Legislature wants to get on board with “Known Felon(!) ” The federally indicted  fraudster-in-charge’s agenda that further endangers the lives of prisoners at the jail; most still awaiting trials. “What About Darryl Woody!” This is a testament to Nassau County’s moral and ethical institutional principles that insure proper medical treatment and delivery to those (incarcerated) who can’t pursue their own_prisoners.

  3. its true no one is over the law

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