NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There were reports of flash flooding after showers passed through our area Friday morning.

Streets were flooded out, and traffic became jammed up.

As CBS2’s Reena Roy reported, it didn’t help if you were on foot either.

On the Belt Parkway there was flooding so deep you couldn’t even see the road, and in Jamaica, Queens  cars were submerged. The rain also flooded the 86th Street Central Park transverse, which caused it to close.

One commuter took to Twitter showing a crosstown bus that was stuck because of flooding on the 86th Street Transverse in Central Park. The MTA said it had no reports of this, but another picture showed passengers’ feet dangling as water creeped inside and puddles formed inches below them.

The rain was also impossible to avoid underground — commuters were dealing with water at the 42nd Street, Bryant Park Station.

“I took the subway, it was just packed, crazy, flooded, and it was kind of a mess,” Brandie Engleberger said.

A steady stream of rain landed on the F train platform, and subway stairs at 18th Ave in Brooklyn were like a waterfall.

Flood warnings and advisories were posted throughout our area as the rain passed through.

Commuters were still scarred hours later.

“I walked in the pouring rain for 15 minutes without an umbrella, and I’m still wet,” Leandro Carvhalo siad.

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