HAMBURG, Germany (CBSNewYork) — President Donald Trump concluded his second international trip as Commander in Chief on Saturday, as day two of the G-20 summit came to an end.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blaiso was also there, addressing the crowds of protesters outside.

Trump met with a list of world leaders, including the Indonesian president, the prime minister of Singapore, the Japanese prime minister and the British prime minister. He later confirmed the U.S. and Britain are working on an agreement.

“We’re working on a trade deal, which will be a very big deal, very powerful deal. It will be great for both countries,” he said. “I think we will have that done very, very quickly.”

The president also put an end to speculation that a trip to the U.K. may have been canceled due to backlash in Britain among lawmakers and the public.

“I will be going to London,” he said.

When asked when, he replied, “We’ll work that out.”

The trade talks continued with the Chinese president. During a bilateral meeting, Trump thanked the country for its support in helping with North Korea.

“I appreciate the things that you have done in light of the very substantial problem that we all face in North Korea – a problem that something has to be done about,” he said.

While talks were peaceful inside the summit, the same could not be said for what happened on the streets.

De Blasio spoke to a group of protesters in Hamburg.

“Hamburg and New York City, we have so much in common. We value freedom. We value an open society, a tolerant society,” he said.

The city estimates up to 50,000 people came out in protest. More than 100 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began, but de Blasio defended their right to peacefully protest.

Ivanka Trump also made history Saturday, taking her father’s seat that the table of world leaders.


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