NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — In this week’s Small Business Spotlight, host Joe Connolly sits back down with Gabriel Shaoolian, who runs Blue Fountain Media.

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“Videos are the most effective form of communication,” he says. “People love videos. They are highly engaging.”

He says the rule-of-thumb should be 30 seconds per video, and no more than two minutes.

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Shaoolian also explains why Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms.

“Business owners know how to pitch their story, their products better than anybody else, and they all have a great story to share,” he says. “Share the behind-the-scenes. People love that, they connect with that.”

“Speak from the heart. Don’t try to sound like a corporation. Be who you are. Tell them your real story, don’t sugar-coat it, don’t try to make it some big production,” he adds. “Share your troubles and pains. People really take to that.”