Tonight Forecast: 07.30.17

(Credit: CBS2)

By Mark McIntyre
CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

What a superb Sunday it was! Tons of sun with pleasant warmth this afternoon, expect clear skies and light breezes heading into the night. Comfy conditions will be in place once again tonight with temps bottoming out in the 50s for the ‘burbs and in the mid-60s around town.

Surface Forecast: 07.30.17

(Credit: CBS2)

Tomorrow will be another bright and sunny day, but with a few more degrees added to the thermometer. Expect high temps in the low and mid 80s, which is right where they should be. Thankfully the humidity will be still pretty low so it won’t feel icky.

7-Day: 07.30.17

(Credit: CBS2)

Tuesday is when the humidity starts to creep up along with temps in the upper 80s… so it’ll start to feel more like summer. Temps peak on Wednesday with temps around 90 and higher humidity.