(1010 WINS)  — It was love at first sight as the parents of two young girls surprised them with the arrival of their newly adopted baby sister.

Already the proud parents of four children, Shane and Kasi Pruitt of Rowlett, Texas, received a call about a quick adoption.

Although their two daughters knew mom and dad had planned on expanding their family for months, they had no idea a new member was arriving quite so soon.

So Shane and Kasi decided to surprise them…

“Our kids have no clue, so our two oldest daughters are inside the house…”

While the Pruitts’ two adopted sons were taking a nap — 11-year-old Raygen and 6-year-old Harper were in the kitchen.

That’s when Kasi walked into the room with the newborn in her arms and the girls quickly realize they’ve just become big sisters all over again.

In fact, Raygen got so excited, she burst into tears and asked if she could hold her new baby sister.

The Pruitts aren’t making the newborn’s name public for privacy reasons – but if her big sisters’ reactions are any indication, the little girl couldn’t be in better hands.