By Marie Flounoy 

Going away or taking a vacation is not the only way you can cool off this Summer. The following options below are small-scale sprinkler parks and drench zones that are available right in your neighborhood. So this summer, be sure to look out for all these giant splashes of fun in the sun located right in the Big Apple.

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Ancient Playground
Central Park
East Side at 85th St.
New York, NY 10024
(212) 310-6600

New York’s most famous park, Central Park, houses a variety of play areas, common areas, a museum and plenty of water parks to stay cool. For example, Ancient playground is an Egyptian themed play pen that includes climbing pyramids and a dedicated water area. The water area consists of a central obelisk from where the water runs across two bridges and spawns a waterfall. For infants and pre-schoolers, a specially designated, semi-circled water area will make them squeal in excitement. This playground draws its inspiration from the Metropolitan museum nearby and has been reconstructed in 2009 for the benefit of all residents.

Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park 
Waterlab at Pier 6
334 Furman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 222-9939

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a vast expanse of land that is home to a lot of indigenous trees and plants and also hosts an assortment of activities. This park runs along the length of the river for about a mile and its famous Waterlab at Pier 6 is one of the best ways to cool off your summers. The Pier 6 water area shoots water from the ground through sprinklers and will keep your kids engaged, occupied and cool this Summer.

Hudson River Park 
Pier 51 Water Park
West Side Highway
New York, NY 10014
(212) 627-2020

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If you are looking for different options to cool off during summer, Hudson River Park is where you can find different water play areas like Pier 51. Pier 51’s soak-worthy play area is absolutely to be cherished with The Minetta Brook imitation, water sprinklers, bucket splashers and geysers absolutely tickle the kids and provide ample potential to have fun. Apart from these, the Hudson River Park also has other activities such as boat excursions, boat building, rowing and sailing.

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Roberto Clemente State Park
Morris Heights
301 West Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10453
(718) 299-8750

Roberto Clemente State Park is exclusively dedicated to water fun in the summer time in the Bronx. The newly constructed state park consists of a mammoth pool, a small kiddie pool and a drench zone complete with sprinklers-covered hoops. Its splash pad provides a perfect cool-off during the hot summers so don’t forget to take your entire family with you. This park has an entrance fee of $1 for kids and $2 for adults, which is totally worth it to survive New York’s heat.

Heckscher Playground
Central Park
65th Street Transverse
New York, NY 10019
(212) 310-6600

This playground is one of the newest constructions in Central Park consisting of dry rides as-well-as wet ones. Visit Heckscher Playground on a lazy summer afternoon, when you can cool-off as a family. Two major wet attractions are featured here, such as a tall climber that flows water to ground level through a series of slides, tunnels and ramps. The other area is replete with ground water jets and gentle sprays ideal for younger children.

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