People can't get enough of these talented doggies!

–Kayla Jardine

Surfing’s popularity continues to grow around the world, but one competition in particular is taking the internet by storm.

On Saturday, the second annual World Dog Surfing Championships took place in Pacifica, California. The competition drew over 1,000 people and dozens of adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes, ready to win.

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The big winner of the day was an Australian kelpie named Abbie Girl, who was not only able to stay on the board, but maneuver around the waves. The well-trained, well-groomed canine has a bright orange board especially designed for dogs, and even has her name on it.

While the first dog surfing event took place in San Diego 12 years ago, it has since spread to Florida, Texas, Hawaii and even Australia. People can’t get enough of these talented doggies!

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In this specific competition, dogs can compete solo, or tandem, with either a person or with another dog. The competition features a group of 3 judges. “Number one is stay on the board,” said one of the judges, Sam Stahl to NPR. “And number two is looking happy.”

The top prize for the winner? A trophy for the dog and a bottle of wine for the owner.



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