NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hungry rodents are apparently menacing parents, nannies and babies on the Upper West Side.

There are about 2 million rats in New York City, and some have settled in Central Park and Riverside Park.

“There’s rats everywhere,” an Upper West Side resident said.

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal said some parkgoers claim rats are jumping into baby strollers to steal snacks.

“They said that the rats jump into the strollers, so they’re very brazen,” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal tells 1010 WINS that she wants the city to direct some of its Rat Reduction money to the neighborhood to eliminate the rat population.

“We need more resources here on the Upper West Side to help combat them and get the problem under control,” she said.

Rat poison is banned in the area because it could kill the neighborhood’s beloved red-tailed hawks, 1010 WINS’ John Montone reported.

In July, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city will spend $32 million to reduce the rat population by 70 percent, concentrating on the Grand Concourse area of the Bronx; Chinatown, the East Village and the Lower East Side in Manhattan; and the Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant areas of Brooklyn.

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  1. Comrade De Blasio should just give every Manhattanite a bamboo cane and make them line up under the FDR. They can then march across the Island, driving all the rats before them, until they drown them all in the Hudson River.

  2. Gary Hardee says:

    Clearly there is a need to expand the Red Tail Hawk’s mandatory classes in public funded estuaries. Where are all the properly educated Red Tail Hawks when you need them?

  3. We had a problem with “roof” rats that we were told came from CA via Palm Trees used for landscaping….this was in Las Vegas. I had a family of 5 feral cats I trapped and had spayed/neutered…..the rat problem was taken care of in about 6 weeks. The cats are still here, no more rats (pigeons either). So now all of you cat haters can spew your garbage but it was an effective solution.

  4. North Korean Premier Kim has an interesting strategy for wiping out NYC rats; the four and two legged variety ;0….

  5. Mayor Kaiser Wilhelm is too busy personally egging on rioting Communists in Germany at the just past G-20 conference, and announcing proclamations of honor for American traitors executed (Ethel Rosenberg) for treason.

  6. JoJo Wasaman says:

    Rats are around because city people are dirty pigs who throw their trash and garbage everywhere. So now live with it swine people.

    1. You are 1000% correct. It’s not just the upper west side rats are like pigeons in the outer boroughs. I live in the “hood” and I am disgusted by the half eaten take out food left by apartment buildings. People are too lazy to put it in trash bins. You see it in the subway..yet if you go to some places in Switzerland, Germany not a spec of garbage. There would be no rats if people discarded their food with care.

  7. $32 million for rat removal? For $16 million I’ll walk Manhattan and tootle my magic flutol taking them all to NJ. But of course, I want $8 million upfront and no refund.

  8. This is all so very LIBERAL: Moans, hand wringing from the elites, the poor mommies and the strollers full of rats, all talk, no action, the “government” should fix it. First, you idiots, get a heavy, snug fitting mosquito netting for the carriage which will not allow the rat contact with the baby. Then each one of you Liberal wusses, pick up a half dozen rat traps at the hardware store, set them in the park bated with leftover brie. Bring latex gloves and more brie every day to the park, pick up dead rat and trap, open trap over the trash can and release the body, re-bait trap with brie, replace and repeat.
    When your useless pocketbook pooch shuffles off this mortal coil, replace with rat terrier or Jack Russel terrier. Let the dogs KILL the rats, the sight will NOT traumatize your child and will make you safer from rats.

  9. Fred Keller says:

    DemocRATs jumping in baby strollers? One of them wasn’t Anthony Wiener was it?

  10. praenestrian says:

    How about tax breaks for rat terrier owners?

  11. here is an idea, pay $10 per rat bounty, and for 20 million you will get them cleaned up (12 mil savings). Between the homeless, drug addicts, and crazy people, you will have your 2 million rat bodies by the end of the month. Your welcome Bill.

  12. Hand out Red Ryder BB guns to the local youths. Pay them for every rat they bring in. They’ll clean up the rodent problem without poison, and learn how to use a compass in the stock and read that thing that tells time.

  13. Well,see….these are “progressive” rats….they only jump on babies whose mommies didn’t vote for Kaiser Bill

  14. Todd Remmy says:

    thank you Mayor DeBlasio

    1. Sam Dennis says:

      Don’t kill them DiBlasio, they’re DemoRATS!

    2. This is what you deserve for electing Democrats to run the city.

  15. only 2 million? i thought there would be at least 6 million of them. are they biting off foreskins when they jump into those strollers? I do agree, this (((rat))) problem does need a solution

  16. There is a large rat problem in Chicago, Detroit and New York. We need to figure out what these three cities have in common. Oh . . .right.

  17. I thought this was about the vermin called DemocRATS.

  18. Kevin Watts says:

    Only 2 Million rats in the city? A city with almost 9 million inhabitants?

    I call BS on this.

    That number seems RIDICULOUSLY low.

    And yeah, I’ve seen the videos of the NYC ratting clubs. Those little ratter dogs are awesome!

  19. Are these the rats that have been jumping off the Trump ship?

    1. Do you obsess about President Trump ALL day every day? Or just MOST of the day?

  20. Joe Johnson says:

    Rodent rats hanging out with the Upper West Side supposedly human democRATS! HOW VERY APPROPRIATE!!

  21. Mike Mathew says:

    Is it illegal to protect yourself from rats in NY? I have had many dogs that kill any rat with one bite. No dog owners? Brooms, shovels. garden tools. One million residents kill one rat every week. Do the math and it’s free, no tax money.

    1. be careful, the (((SPLC))) might brand you a thought criminal for suggesting that

  22. First poison the king rat and then worry about the park rats.

    1. Mike Mathew says:

      New park entertainment, whack a rat.

  23. Joel Hammer says:

    I wonder how NYC compares with other great cities in the USA and overseas?

  24. I’m just curious how it was decided to reduce the rat population by 70%. If there are 2 million rats in NYC and you eliminate 70%, that leaves 600,000. That’s a lot of rats!
    While I know it’s not realistic to expect to remove ALL of the rats, how can they leave 600K rats and say, “OK, good enough”?

    1. You might think that would be good enough, but those 600,000 survivors would suddenly turn into millions of survivors, almost as if you didn’t do anything at all in the first place. And organizations would spring up to cry about the plight of the poor rats. Next thing you know there would be even more rats than there were before and even suggesting getting rid of them would be criminal. You have to wipe them all out. They don’t really contribute anything of value to begin with, they just bring pestilence, may carry rabies and are vile creatures that we can do without, especially in our cities.

      1. Organizations would spring up to protect the rats because under the endangered species act, win lose or draw, the taxpayers cover legal costs for lawsuits to protect the animals. Many a lawyer has made a pretty good living “protecting” some critter or other.

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