1010 WINS– We all had dream jobs when we were kids, but one 4-year-old has already started preparing.

Johnny Tsacoumangos from Kirkwood, MO has big aspirations of becoming a sanitation worker and he’s ready to get his hands dirty. Tsacoumangos likes to think “about picking up the trash when I’m going to be an adult.”

Every Wednesday, Tsacoumangos waits outside of his house, eager to see the recycling truck and his favorite driver, Billy Fair, pull up.

“Definitely puts a smile on your face,” said Fair. “I know he’s here every Wednesday. I can depend on him waiting for me. So I’m looking for him, and he’s looking for me.”

The future recycling specialist even drew Fair a picture of a recycling truck, which now hangs laminated in Fair’s locker. “You know to me, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but [Fair] really seemed touched by it,” said Tsacoumangos’ mom. “And he said, ‘Johnny! All the other guys are so jealous because you made me a picture!’ So that was what really started their friendship.”

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But it’s not just Fair who’s a big fan of Tsacoumangos and his love for the trade, the entire sanitation department got in on the fun! They even threw him a party for his 4th birthday at their offices.

Tsacoumangos’ room is even full of toy garbage trucks and tiny recycling bins. “He’s so passionate about his recycling,” said Fair. It’s “a good thing.”

-Kayla Jardine


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