NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What’s it take to get famous as a stand-up comedian in New York City? Maybe a ton of business cards.

Jo Koy, part of Kevin Hart’s new site and LOL Network, shared his weird moment of fame with CBS New York this week. The Pacific Northwest native is back in New York for Hart’s new web series “Inglorious Pranksters.”

“One thing I was notorious for when I was coming up a long time ago was handing out flyers – thousands and thousands every week,” he said. “People used to make fun of me.”

Years later he found himself walking through Times Square with a more popular comic who was getting stopped for photographs by fans.

“I’m just standing there,” he said. “Then here comes this guy on a bike — I think he was a cop — and he comes up and goes, ‘Jo Koy?’

“He goes, ‘Man I love your stuff bro, I still carry your card.’ And he pulls out his wallet, and he pulls out this card,” said Koy. “Yeah, I handed out 100,000 of those cards, but it being in this guy’s wallet was like, that’s the reason why I did it. I always remember that moment.”