NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An FBI agent was injured when a flash grenade prematurely detonated at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan, police said.

Emergency crews were called to the heavily guarded plaza around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

The grenade went off in the basement of the building, apparently inside the agent’s vehicle, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported.

“Today, an FBI Special Agent sustained non-life threatening injuries following the accidental discharge of a diversion device in the 26 Federal Plaza garage.  We have no further information to provide regarding the agent’s condition, and there is no threat to public safety at this time.”

The agent suffered a serious hand injury and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Flash-bang grenades are often used by raiding law enforcement officers as a diversion in a volatile, possibly violent situation, Lamb reported.

Authorities said there was no terror threat.

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  1. The grenade was probably intended for use in an FBI false flag operation.

  2. My God!! what if this had happened in a daycare or an operating room or the flight deck of a 747 while it was landing in strong winds at night? We must ban these high capacity flesh bang devices. Think of the children…..

  3. John Oakman says:

    Did he look like dea agent: Lee Paige?? I bee de onlist one in dis room dat bee professional enough to handle a Glock 40–KaBoom.

  4. Gib Pleh says:

    I bet they couldn’t pull a piano wire out of his arse with a D9 Cat

  5. Gib Pleh says:

    I wonder if he had just been told he was being assigned the Mueller Team, to replace the one who just bailed.

  6. “An FBI agent was injured when a flash grenade prematurely detonated”

    It did not detonate “prematurely;” It detonated ACCIDENTALLY… in an agent’s car.
    Fake Newq Media™ can’t even all the details in a single story they publish right. Pathetic. The Media™ should be FIRED.

  7. Samuel Green says:

    As a veteran, 99.9% of all grenade self injuries are caused by the soldier wanting to see the grenade detonate, and shrapnel to the face can be the result.

    But pulling the pin on a concussion flash grenade in a vehicle is almost as bad as the DEA’s most notorious imbecile; Lee Paige, when he shot himself in the foot during a schoolroom gun safety demonstration

    This FBI agent that set off his stun grenade in a car probably won’t ever regain full hearing.

    1. Samuel Green says:

      PS< This was no accident, Flash grenades have the same safety as a fragmentation grenade, both have a 2 step safety, one has to pull the pin, then release the 'spoon' for it to activate.

      It is almost impossible for this to be an accident.

      1. Bingo, bet you anything there was some kind of grab ass going on. These thing DO NOT go off by themselves.

  8. Tim Brew says:

    Fortunately, agent Barney Fife was not seriously injured by the blast.

  9. they misspelled “negligent” as “accidental”.

  10. Mike Suttles says:

    What a maroon. “Best and brightest”, indeed.

  11. Guess he thought it was a cigar when he lit it up. Shouldn’t have cut that class in training.

  12. Vox Veritas says:

    “UPDATE: Law enforcement sources say an FBI agent accidentally let off a flash grenade inside a loading dock where their [sic] car was parked.”

    How many agents mishandled a dangerous device?

  13. It’s called a negligent detonation. There are no accidents with explosives. I bet his ears feel real good.

  14. Prematurely detonated? What, did he forget to roll down the window? No terror threat, but there is a serious idiot threat.

  15. Nothing goes off ‘prematurely”, except young inexperienced boys !

    1. Had to chuckle at that one!

  16. phxfreddyii says:

    Well given this grenade would have been used on someone else i have to say this is good news.

  17. Officer Barbrady’s still on the force, I see. Probably hired by that corrupt Comey twit.

  18. Rob Horg says:

    Evidently the FBI is currently staffed with incompetents. As indicated previously by the Clinton “Matter”.

  19. where, in nyc is federal plaza?

    1. Art Rivers says:

      Whew, I was getting hungry I thought it said Pizza.

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