1010 WINS — One woman is proving that family doesn’t have to be bonded through DNA.

In a now viral show of love, Katelyn Miller, a 21-year-old from Salina, Kansas, wrote a touching letter to her stepfather, Lance Jeske. The letter, later posted on Love What Matter’s Facebook now has over 21,000 likes and instantly resonated with families everywhere.

“Any man can make a child, and stick his name on the birth certificate,” she wrote. “It takes a real man like you to step up and care for a child who is not his own.”

To prove how much she loves her stepfather and what an amazing dad he’s been to her, Miller decided to take his last name, Jeske.

Credit: Katelyn Miller

“Thank you for taking care of our family. I know you didn’t create me, your name isn’t on my birth certificate, I don’t have your last name (yet) and I don’t look like you,” she continued. “None of that will ever matter to me because for the last 11 years you have shaped me.”

Miller surprised her dad with a gift bag containing the legal documents dictating her name change. Jeske was shocked when he read the documents. “Are you for real?” he asked.

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She told 1010 WINS over email, “that was the first time in almost 13 years that I’ve seen that man cry. It was such a happy moment for our family.”

Regardless of what event, graduation, prom, art show, or basketball, Jeske makes sure he’s there through all of it to support his stepdaughter. Miller said this only makes her want to do better and be more successful in life.

Cred: Katelyn Miller

“My stepdad means the world to me,” she wrote. “He’s always there for me, and never fails to make us all laugh until we cry. He’s my best friend.”

It was never important that Jeske was technically Miller’s stepfather. In her eyes, he’s her dad.

“You are truly an incredible human being, and when people ask me who my dad is, I’m proud to say your name.”

-Kayla Jardine


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