1010 WINS — It’s about time we got the answer to how the chicken crossed the road. As it turns out, it was with the help of specially-designed reflective vests, at least that’s the case for a bed and breakfast in the UK.

The Glenshieling House Bed & Breakfast has figured out the perfect solution to keep their hens safe if they ever get loose. According to the owner, Louise Lennox, it all started because “one hen in particular, called Nicola, likes to go for a wander,” she told 1010 WINS. “She will toddle down the drive and if we shut the gate then she will jump over the wall!”

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That’s when Lennox had the idea for reflective vests. With their special design, the birds are still able to have complete mobility and move their wings. Lennox even put her number and address on the inside of the vests, should her pets ever get lost.

Credit: Glenshieling House

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“The guests love meeting the hens and are quite tickled to see them roaming round the garden,” Lennox said. “And because they are so friendly, the girls will come right up to them.”

While the 12 Isla Brown hens were initially purchased to provide her guests with fresh eggs while they’re staying at her B&B, they’ve become an important part of her family. “I didn’t realize at the beginning how much fun the hens would be,” she said. “They are very attached to me and run after me wherever I go. I love them.”

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Kayla Jardine