1010 WINS — It’s no secret that the internet has a mild crush on Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, so it seemed inevitable that there would one day be a sculpture of Trudeau made entirely of butter.

And now there is.

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The incredible creation derives from an internet sensation in its own right. The original image features Trudeau at the Toronto Zoo holding two baby pandas named Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue.

David Salazar, the lead sculpture for the 2017 butter sculpting at the Canadian National Exhibition, helped bring the Trudeau masterpiece to life. According to Salazar, the process starts with an armature of the chair, which Trudeau is seen sitting on, and then the butter is applied on top of that. The work of art is slowly put together over the 18-day expo.

Credit: CNE

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The CNE annually features butter sculpting with a different theme every year. This year’s was animals that went viral in the media, which is why the Canadian PM is seen with the panda bears. Other animals this year included the relentless Ikea monkey and of a High Park capybara.

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“In total, we would be using 2,700 pounds of butter that is all composted by the end of exhibition,” Salazar told 1010 WINS. Salazar, who’s a visual artist, works mainly with clay and various materials.

“These are new mediums that we don’t normally work on in our daily practice in our studios,” he said. “So we’re just having fun with this now, with sculpting butter.”

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Kayla Jardine