1010 WINS — Give us 22 minutes and we’ll give you the world.

Give Alexa 90 seconds and she’ll do the same.

You love listening to 1010 WINS, and you love Alexa. Now you can get the latest headlines from your favorite all news station on Alexa with 1010 WINS flash briefings.

Here’s how to add 1010 WINS Flash Briefings:

  • Open your Alexa app or log in online at Alexa.Amazon.com.
  • From settings, select Flash Briefings.
  • Click Get more Flash Briefing content.
  • Search for 1010 WINS.
  • Enable the flash briefing skill to turn on the updates.
  • Make sure to move 1010 WINS to the top of your Flash Briefing list.
  • Once enabled, Flash Briefings will include the top 1010 WINS news stories in about 90 seconds and updated throughout the day.