YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — As New York City considers the future of the monument at Columbus Circle, others are taking more direct aims at tributes to the controversial Italian explorer.

For the fourth time in ten days, a statue of Christopher Columbus has been vandalized. This time, it happened in Yonkers.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, the effigy may seem insignificant compared to the monument that towers over Columbus Circle. But seeing the two-foot high bust knocked off its pedestal and broken into pieces is still a shock to Italian American Patsy Gambardella Jr.

“I’m horrified that something like that has happened in Yonkers,” he said.

Parts of damaged Christopher Columbus statue knocked over in Yonkers. (credit: Arty Thanasoulis)

The Columbus monuments in Buffalo and Houston were recently defaced with red paint. In Baltimore, the oldest Columbus monument in the country as vandalized by an activist who narrated and posted the attack online.

“Observe how vehemently Republican and Democratic ‘misleaders’ defend genocidal terrorists like Christopher Columbus and George Washington,” he can be heard saying on the video.

Gambardella Jr. says he thinks a small group of people are to blame.

“I think these are all copycat actions,” he said. “To have people come out and destroy them because of their personal opinion, it’s very disrespectful and shows us a very bad direction in the way America is going.”

The NYPD would not say if it’s taking special precautions to protect Columbus Circle, a flashpoint as the city prepares to review monuments and memorials that may cause offense.

CBS2 has been pressing Mayor de Blasio for more information about the Monument Review Commission.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman would only say that City Hall will release additional information in the coming days.

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  1. Fun Fact: Only 1.4% of White Americans owned one or more slaves just prior to the Civil War.
    Source — 1860 census

  2. First offense – a mandatory year in prison

    Second offense – a mandatory 5 years in prison

    Third offense – a mandatory 10 years in prison

  3. Damn idiots. Like what are they protesting!!! They don’t like Italians??? I’m getting so sick of this!

  4. Paul Enright says:

    Only brain dead morons would do this.

  5. Doug Day says:

    Guess we need a curfew on Obama voters…

  6. John Dough says:

    Can you show me on the doll where Christopher Columbus touched you?

  7. Pull the trigger on these pant loads….

  8. There is no record to prove that Columbus engaged in slavery. His sponsor, Queen Isabella of Spain determined that the people Columbus encountered in the New World were free because they were now part of the Spanish Empire.

  9. Columbus never discovered “American”, but he did “discover” the new world and brought that discovery back to Europe. He never set foot in what is now the U.S. He hung around Hispainola and Cuba. The Caribbean Islands. What is now the U.S. you can attribute to de Leon, de Soto, Balboa, and up north Drake and Henry Hudson. Gonna have to change the name of the Hudson river, Hudson NY, Hudson Bay……..right now the distruction is all pure ignorance.

  10. Lou Cubbage says:

    They probably don’t even know who he is.

  11. Geniuses! Columbus NEVER DISCOVERED AMERICA! Read some history!

  12. John Fogarty says:

    When are local governments and police going to put an end to this BS?

  13. These people doing this don’t have a fraction the courage Washington had.

  14. The American Taliban is at it again.

  15. Mike Arvand says:

    Ha. morons. destroying a monument dedicated to what would become the beginning of the first white settlement in the world, to declare slavery illegal.

  16. Jose Jimenez says:

    Third World Parasitic democrats doing what they do best.

  17. Angering Italian Americans is NOT a good idea!

  18. Joe Boltonn says:

    It’s now fairly inexpensive to put video monitors potential vandal targets. Certainly no more than the cost of replacing a statue. It should act as a deterrent to others.

  19. Don Kriefall says:

    ISIS destroys historical monuments that offend their religion. See any difference here?

    1. Jose Jimenez says:

      Obamaoistas doing what the Maoists did in China.

  20. Jose Ortega says:

    The snowflakes and their ‘groid pets have become the new American Brown Shirts.

  21. Stu Pedasso says:

    How many statues of Christopher Columbus can there possibly be? Post a couple of snipers on random statues and after the first couple of whacks all that BS would stop.

    1. Ethel Weiss says:

      Thank God Columbus had the courage to cross the ocean and discover the continent else the greatest country on earth may never have happened. Mayor deBlasio is a feckless PC stooge who needs to be ousted in Nov.

  22. Jack Riley says:

    Who started the war against statues anyway? Why didn’t this happen when the Obama was in office?

  23. The Mafia will deal with those Anarcho-Communists the old-fashioned way.

  24. It’s not a growing controversy. It’s Astroturf., ginned up by the media.

    1. Totally, and I can’t wait for those idiots in masks to turn on the media cheer-leading from the sidelines.

  25. Obama voters having fun.

  26. Steve Hansen says:

    You need to bring in Sheriff Joe to deal with these punks.

  27. Andy Howe says:

    “The NYPD would not say if it’s taking special precautions to protect Columbus Circle”
    Of course it is not taking special precautions. Not when the mayor of the city supports the left’s destruction of all things relating to America’s history.

  28. This is the very same thing ISIS , the Nazis, Moa in China, and The Bolsheviks in russia did just before they started armed conflict. This is a cancer supported by the Democratic party to destroy America.

  29. This is a hate crime, and vandalism. The hate crime should mean an immediate felony and subsequent imprisonment of the offender for AT LEAST two years. Vets need to organize to protect these statues. And BTW, these men in the statues had more honor than all of the leftists in this country.

  30. Jose Ortega says:

    The Alt-Left is also demanding that all historical portraits of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson, along with the other portraits of our founding fathers be destroyed in a public bonfire.

    1. Will Mitt Romney give them the match?

  31. So almost overnight, we have cultivated a society of statuephobics.

  32. Howard Hanek says:

    Vandals? No. Political thugs intimidating Americans for their Democrat Party so they can steal the power they couldn’t win fairly.

  33. The Intolerant. Who might that be Liberals? If you do not agree with something or someone then destroy it or remove it.
    If I disagree with a Government policy does that give me the right to destroy a Government building? No! Prosecute the vandals to the highest extent of the law and make examples of them and this will stop. This is another attempt at White Cleansing from history.

  34. John Harrow says:

    Bully’s push, Citizen’s push back.

  35. Lilith Whyte says:

    This is how the looney left assaults “Whiteness.”

  36. I have a statue of OAhole on my ranch, I shoot at every day.

  37. Rick Smith says:

    The democrats the party of tolerant inclusive totalitarian haters who promote violence and destruction doing what they do best destroying public property. Nice work.

  38. Why weren’t these statues offensive when Obama was President?

  39. Mike Harlow says:

    Gee, Columbus was our first illegal Hispanic immigrant, our first “Dreamer”. Me thinks something evil lurking among the mindless left.

    1. Nate Kolvek says:

      He was Italian, not hispanic. Looks like you paid attention during history classes…

  40. Alan Whitney says:

    The nice folks who attack statues of historical persons need to be shot. Period.

  41. How can this country survive with half our population trying their hardest to destroy the history of America? At least the confederate monuments I sort of understand their anger but Columbus and Lincoln statues getting damaged? These leftists are idiots.. They don’t even know who ended slavery (a Republican) and it was a Democrat that founded the KKK. It’s a sad day.

  42. It was merely a clash of civilizations that have incompatible ways of life. Once the Indians started attacking the new immigrants, their fate was sealed. But that happened over the following centuries. Leftists see victims everywhere, but oddly enough the victims are always those the leftists themselves assume to align with their cause…

  43. Jack Frost says:

    They best soon post guards around the MLK statue in DC! Guess you know that as a Christian preacher he DID preach against homosexuality!!! Oh NO!!!! No way that kind of thinking and daring to think out loud could EVER be tolerated!

  44. I dont care one way or another, but America’s version of Columbus is a complete lie, heck, i was taught that he discovered America and we know that isnt true, i understand why people dont like him, cant ignore some of the horrible things he did just because he did some good.

  45. Ok NYC, you elected a Socialist Mayor.
    Under American brand Socialism there is no Italian, Greek, Russian, German, Polish, English…no now you are all just “white.”
    And because you are “white” you are automatically racist and of course a n-zi.
    Multiculturalism means if you are “white” your culture will be erased.
    What will you do when the Dem party Antifa thugs come to crack your head with a stick?
    Notice they dont make you show your voter registration card.

  46. BaddaBoom, BaddaBang, this could get out of hand. What may get out of hand is the word “controversial”. http://vassarbushmills.com/?p=66181

  47. Nothing like trying to destroy the soul of a nation.

  48. Hope they catch the bums soon and toss ’em in jail. Also, make them pay to put up a new one

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