LINDEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It just keeps happening; three trucks crashed into the same overpass in New Jersey this week.

Drivers have been warned about a height problem, but some don’t stop until it was too late.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, Chopper 2 was over the scene on Wednesday when the top of a FedEx truck was torn open after hitting the Wood Avenue train bridge in Linden.

“He obviously was going too fast, didn’t recognize the height,” Paul Kratzer said.

It wasn’t the first case. A total of three trucks this week have gotten stuck, first on Monday and then two on Wednesday.

“It took the top of his truck and it twirled it back like a sardine can,” he said.

Peter Singe owns Big Blue Subs on Wood Avenue right near the Linden train station.

“It’s been happening years and years,” he said.

Singe said it can take hours to clear the mess, creating a huge traffic back up and diverting customers away.

“When traffic gets stopped people don’t come on Wood Avenue, too hard to get around,” he said.

There are yellow height warning signs as you approach the bridge, a big caution sign and an air horn system, but John Brevette  said obviously it isn’t working.

“It really would help to have bigger signs,” he said.

CBS2’s Baker spoke over the phone with Sebastian D’Elia a spokesman for Union County. He said one option — lowering the roadway — may not be practical and could cause flooding problems.

“We are going to have a discussion among our engineers, Linden Public Safety, could be a coincidence, a rash of truck drivers not paying attention,” he said.

He has is suspicion.

“Truck drivers could be distracted, plenty of things to distract or looking at GPS,” he said.

The county estimates more than 10,000 trucks pass through the area each week, exiting industrial routes like the New Jersey Turnpike and 1 & 9. The majority get it right, but the select few really snarl up traffic.

Linden police reminded truck drivers to exercise caution when approaching overpasses. The county plans to meet with local engineers in the next month or so. The county plans to meet with local engineers about the bridge.