NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Gym members in Brooklyn might want to keep their belongings in sight after police said a thief has been prowling a locker room while members worked out, and leaving with their wallets.

Police say a woman has been spending plenty of time at the Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA, but hasn’t been doing much exercising.

Police are looking for a woman who has allegedly been robbing unsecured lockers at a Bed Stuy YMCA. (Credit: DCPI)

Now, gym members and police hope someone recognizes her.

Between June 13, and July 22, she allegedly stole from six people in the women’s locker room who’s lockers were unlocked.

She took wallets with debit cards, credit cards, ID’s and more.

Shanikwa Kershaw feels lucky that she wasn’t a victim, especially since she hasn’t been locking her stuff.

“I don’t know, I just figure people have integrity,” she said.

Mack Fuller said think again, he locks his stuff up.

“If I forget my lock I usually keep my stuff with me,” he said.

Being a victim of any kind of theft is certainly frustrating and upsetting, but in at least three of six cases the suspect was able to make some expensive purchases, and even found herself a gift card from Nordstrom with a balance of $438 on it.

In another case, more than $250 was charged to a credit card, and another victim had $175 charged, but all agree it’s not so much about money.

“it’s just horrible to know that someone has your information, so I hope they catch her,” Shanikwa said.

She also hopes those who don’t have a lock follow her lead, and get one.

Police said the suspect has tattoos on her left arm from her shoulder to her elbow.



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