1010 WINS — After all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, one family used the opportunity to remember how fortunate they are to be alive and together.

Their baby, who’s aptly named Hope, was rescued from her home in Orange, Texas along with her family, when she was just 10 days old.

Noelle Mills Photography captured the memory, posing Hope on the very same boat that saved them from the hurricane and the massive flooding in Texas.

The photographer told 1010 WINS, “I am so overwhelmed with the response from the photos. It’s humbling!”

baby Adorable Newborn Has Photoshoot in Boat that Saved Her From Hurricane Harvey

Credit: Noelle Mills Photography

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The adorable newborn wore a onesie that read “I survived Hurricane Harvey” and laid on an orange life preserver.

It goes to show that you can find ‘Hope’ almost anywhere!

Kayla Jardine