1010 WINS — A lovable comedian and singer warmed the heart of an elderly woman by serenading her with some of his new music.

Jason Manford decided to host his “dress rehearsal” at a nursing home in England after receiving a request on Facebook. Despite having hundreds of messages and requests in his inbox, this one jumped out at time.

An employee of the Lake Care Home asked Jason to visit the facility and sing to the elderly residents with songs from his new album. “I spotted it and thought, “sod it, the kids will be in school, and it’ll be a laugh!” Jason wrote on Facebook.

That turned out to be a great choice.

serenade Swoon: Comedian Serenades Elderly Woman At Nursing Home In England

Jason Manford (Facebook)

“Cheers to the staff and residents for being so accommodating,” he wrote. “Just lovely and great fun.”

The video, which already has over a million views, shows Jason singing to the residents, to rounding applause.

“Special mention to Anette who lead the “Lake Care Home mosh pit,” he wrote. “I certainly won’t forget her in a hurry!”

Jason’s debut album is available for pre-order now.

Kayla Jardine