1010 WINS-Exactly how long does it take to paint almost 19 feet of fingernails?

For 24 years, Texas native Ayanna Williams has been letting her nails go au naturel — almost. It takes her up to 20 hours and two bottles of polish to dress up her curious cuticles.

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially honored Ayanna as holding the world record for the “longest fingernails on a pair of (female) hands” after measuring them at a whopping combined total length of 576.4 cm (18ft 10.9in). This record tops the previous holder, New York City’s Chris “The Dutchess” Walton, who has since cut her nails — the length of which totaled 731.4 cm (23ft 11in).

(Photo: Guinness Book of Records)

Ayanna’s days are filled with the scents of polish and preen as she currently works as a manicurist in Houston and rests her head at night right next to a special pillow for her record holding hooks. As far as doing the dishes — that’s something she certainly avoids in order to protect them, which elicits questions about what other activities she misses out on.

Ayanna told Guinness World Records during her photo shoot for the 2018 book that it takes her “longer to do anything than it would take other people, because of the length of my nails,” but she has no plans on trimming them anytime soon.

“They’re a part of me so they’re here to stay!”


-Joe Cingrana


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