GLEN ROCK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey mother is attempting to fight underage drinking using a website where adults promise not to serve teens in their homes.

She also wants to help parents keep tabs on the house parties their kids attend.

Teens had to be wheeled out of an out-of-control house party on Long Island back in March, but Glen Rock, New Jersey resident Stephanie Murillo said it plays out in her community all too often.

“We’d have to call the ambulance a lot of times,” she said.

The mother of three and borough council president hopes her idea will help.

It’s the Party Safe Parents Network — a website where parents pledge not to serve alcohol to teenagers in their homes.

They register their names, phone numbers, and addresses to the website database, and parents can verify with each other if a supervised party is being held at their home.

“We’d like to have every parent sign up for it, because we’re all in it together,” Amy Martin said.

Alcohol isn’t the only concern for parents, school officials, and police.

“The drug issue is getting worse like a lot of small towns. Not only are we seeing marijuana, we’re seeing heroin, we’ve had LSD,” Mayor Bruce Packer told CBS2’s Jessica Borg.

Just last month, police said they broke up an out-of-control, unsupervised house party at the Indian Rock townhouses in Glen Rock. Three different departments responded because of the chaos.

Some Glen Rock parents say kids are going to find a way to party, no matter what.

“I’d rather they do it, quite honestly, at somebody’s home, when hopefully the parent is there, than buying alcohol and going to some park, and all of a sudden there’s no supervision,” they said.

“I feel like kids, like they don’t listen,” one teenager added.

Organizers said they know the site is a tool and not a cure.

“Ultimately, parents really need to get involved,” Mayor Packer said.

Borough Officials plan to have the website and database up and running within the next month, they think the idea will catch on in other communities as well.