1010 WINS — Thanks to a heroic firefighter, this dog will live to bark another day.

Major Jay Dooner of Fire Station 16A in Oklahoma saw a dog inside a house and immediately leapt into action to save man’s best friend. Dooner saw the limp dog inside a smoke-filled home and puller her to safety.

The fire damage to the house was severe, but thanks to Dooner’s quick thinking, the adorable pup is doing just fine now and even took the time to ‘thank’ his hero.

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Credit: Oklahoma City Fire Department

The Oklahoma Fire Department wrote on Facebook, “the dog almost appears to be saying “thank you” to Major Dooner.” And with the pup’s big smile, it’s not hard to see what they mean.

“This looks like the beginning of a great friendship!” Amazing work to the fire department and Major Dooner on the incredibly fluffy save.

Kayla Jardine 


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