1010 WINS — Well, there may no longer be a reason to save that piece of wedding cake for your first anniversary any longer. It may be hard to believe, but these breathtaking and intricate wedding cakes are not edible at all — they’re actually made of clay.

Anne Murch of Haymarket, VA, who owns Earthly Grace, began sculpting and designing with clay at a young age. After gifting one of her mini-cakes to a friend, requests came in for her to preserve memories for even more couples allowing her to continue to create lasting mementos for newlyweds in her home studio.

Although the mini-cakes take quite a bit of work, Anne finds that offering miniature versions of actual wedding cakes truly helps to bring life to the memories.

“It warms my heart to recreate things they only have images of,” Anne told 1010 WINS.

She never expected her art to be so well-received.

“Your cake, it’s been enjoyed at the wedding… you’ve eaten it. Flowers, unfortunately, don’t last forever,” she said. “So, it’s truly magical to me that I can recreate these things in a tangible item that brides and grooms can have from their wedding.”

Since couples spend months – sometimes years – planning every detail, Anne wants to get every detail on the cake right.

“It just warms my heart, and it motivates me to try to capture as much as possible and as many details as I can” in something only a few inches big.

We were curious as to how many of these miniature cakes she’s made over the years. Although she lost count after so many, Anne says she has created well over a hundred.

“My favorite thing, looking back on all these different designs and all these different cakes that I have done — and I hadn’t taken the time to go back and look since I started this business — my favorite thing is they’re all different. And every day I get to sit down at my desk and have a new adventure with a new design.”

See below for a short step-by-step of Anne making one of her ‘Earthly’ treasures.

-Joe Cingrana