1010 WINS-This is Dolly. Back in 2006, she was rescued from captivity in India where she was starved, beaten and forced to ‘dance’ on the streets. These days she spends her time playing with her BBF’s (Best Bear Friends) Hamsi and Bharti.

Poached from the wild as a cub, Dolly spent the first two years of her life with an owner who had pierced her muzzle and with a hot iron needle in order to secure a rope through, allowing him to tug on the bear at his will. The agonizing pain she subsequently endured apparently looked something like dancing, which earned her owner his living.

Credit: International Animal Rescue

Dolly weighed in the neighborhood of only 90 pounds when she arrived at her new home, the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility, and in desperate need of medical care; terrified of people, she could be seen shivering and cowering when approached.

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She was immediately relieved of the coarse rope in her muzzle and put on a daily diet of hot porridge, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Dolly quickly started to show improvement both mentally and physically and now, as you can see in the touching video above, enjoys a fulfilling life of freedom — with a side of beary-y delicious watermelon!

-Joe Cingrana


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