NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A man is facing hate crime charges for allegedly assaulting two Orthodox Jewish women at a Queens subway station.

A 57-year-old woman and her 37-year-old daughter were getting off the M train at the 67th Avenue station on Wednesday when the man told them, “Go back to your f—— country you dirty Muslims,” 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported.

When the daughter asked him to repeat himself, police said the man spit at her and beat her. He then allegedly attacked the mother when she tried to intervene.

Fellow straphangers were shocked.

“New York City’s always been so tolerant of other religions,” a woman named Rachel said.

“I’m actually shocked that it’s happening, but not surprised,” another woman, named Maria, said.

Police said as they handcuffed the suspect, he asked if he was being arrested because he’s “rich and white,” Stern reported.

Police have charged 40-year-old Dimitrios Zias with assault as a hate crime.

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  1. Islamic terrorists have brought this on their Muslim brothers and sisters. I’m shocked we don’t see more attacks on Muslims. They are criminally silent whilst their kinsman kill innocent people every day.

    1. Given enough time, you will resign yourself to Islam and praise it.

      If you are Christian, your own ancestors were most probably forcefully converted into Christianity by invaders. In fact, historically, the blood shed in the name of Christianity is more than that shed in the name of Islam. Now, you can only praise Jesus all day and want the whole world to be Christian, yes?

      1. Martin Deano says:

        Seems you like to live in the past. How about the present. Why don’t you name a country on Earth where muslims reside where they aren’t killing innocent people in the name of their religion. RIGHT NOW

        1. But that is very convenient of you! I agree that Islam belongs to the gutter. But my point was, Xians who oppose Islam are hypocritical for two reasons:

          (1) Theologically, the OT is far worse than the Koran. The NT is bit better but not by much. NT theology breaks down without taking recourse to the OT. Yahweh has slaughtered more than Allah.

          (2)Politically, and historically, Xity has more blood on its hands than Islam.

          Do you disagree with any of these two points?

  2. Can someone clarify whether Whites in the US can be asked to go back to Europe? Please justify your answer with precise logical reasoning.

    1. Martin Deano says:

      The US you refer to stands for United States. Whites CREATED the United States through blood and sweat. So you can ask if you’d like but you may no live through the answer.

      1. So, the “original inhabitants” of a geography do not have any privileged access to it. (In this case, the “original inhabitants” would be the native Indians). What you are saying is, those who “create” a country have privileged access to it. This raises multiple questions:

        (1)When you say “Whites created the United States”, are you referring to Anglo Saxons, Spaniards, Portugese or German or Italian? Suppose those who “created” the US were predominantly Portugese. Can they ask those with German ancestry to go back to Germany? Why or why not?

        (2)What do you mean “create the US”. Large section of Silicon Valley and New York Wall street are currently inhabited by PhD degree holding Brown Indians and Chinese. Can they be considered to have “created” Wall Street or Silicon Valley? Are they justified in asking non contributing Whites to leave San Francisco and New York? Why or why not?

  3. hitrestart1 says:

    I notice this article claims he then asked if he was being arrested because he is “rich and white,” yet NOWHERE on the net is there a picture of the guy to confirm he’s actually a big, bad whitey as the left would love for us to believe.

  4. irishsavant says:

    She’s shocked but not surprised. Another great example of what journalism school produces.

  5. So does he hate jews or muslins? How can you be charged with hating someone not there? Thought? We now have thought crimes? Clearly the guy is not all together.

  6. Berke Zane says:

    Maria said, she’s shocked but not surprised. Where are you getting these people to quote from?

  7. Gene Tillock says:

    ahh yes- snew yorka city is so toleranting apout us all the times fall— there is one major religion in new yuk city- judiasm as practised less today or atheism- the rest abide as bonnie and clude by their rules of law

  8. Mike Alan says:

    What a total moron. Now if the women were muslims, I would understand but he couldnt tell the idfference between a muslim and a Jew?

  9. Dear CBS, next time interview someone who can almost speak English. Oh, am I racist now?

    PS – – the guy is clearly a moron, calling Orthodox Jewish women muslims. Or maybe he’s a hipster, trying to express “irony”.

  10. We all know who changed everything in America don’t we? The radical Islamists. Personally, if Muslims won’t assimilate they should leave or never be let in to our country in the first place.

  11. Dale Warren says:

    Maybe this deranged criminal misogynist should have called his victims “dirty fundamentalist Christians.” That might have won him to the key to the city.

    1. You may not have been serious, but you were much closer to the truth than most will admit.

  12. Doug Day says:

    Hate crime? That is twice double bad.

  13. You’ve got Celino and Barnes in the City? Sorry from WNY.

  14. mclowe says:

    “Well, his heart was in the right place.” Sorry, very bad joke. 🙂 Not in favor of people attacking anyone innocent for any reason.

  15. Mick McDuff says:

    Russian’s have taken Manhatten while Chucky worried so about which bathroom to use.

  16. Anyone who uses the word “tolerant” in a sentence is an idiot.

    1. “Tolerance” is a perfectly good word. Granted certain groups have redefined it to mean, ” to capitulate instantly and grovel submissively.” They did the same thing with words like “racism” (to exist white) “prejudice” (to fail to give preferential treatment to protected groups), “privilege”- to enjoy not getting preferential treatment.”

  17. Oscar Diggs says:

    His name was what…..?

    1. mclowe says:

      His name was ROM.
      His word was OHM.
      He traveled the Autobahn.
      For he had no home.

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