NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)President Donald Trump will be in New York City this week ahead of his planned visit to the United Nations.

The president will stay at his residence in Trump Tower Sunday evening before gathering with world leaders on Monday.

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Trump will be meeting with more than 100 heads of state and government, including France’s new leader Emmanuel Macron.

As CBS News’ Meg Oliver reported, it will be the first UN session of Trump’s presidency – and it will be full of uncertainty.

Trump regularly denounced the United Nations during the campaign last year, but the White House said things have changed.

“Now we can say it’s a new day at the UN,” said U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. “What you are seeing is the Israel bashing has become more balanced, you’ve got a United Nations that’s become more action oriented…. We’ve passed two resolutions on North Korea just in the last month.”

The escalating nuclear threat from North Korea is one of the tough topics on the week’s agenda.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that the U.S. wants a peaceful solution to the standoff with Kim Jong-Un, but won’t wait forever.

“If our diplomatic efforts fail, though, our military option will be the only one left.” Tillerson said.

“This is probably one of the most serious international, national security crises that we’ve faced,” said U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona).

McCain believes the U.S. has only two options for dealing with Pyongyang.

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“One, a nuclear-armed North Korea, or war with North Korea,” he said.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Trump referred to Kim as “rocket man” and said the U.S. sanctions were working.

“We’ve pretty much exhausted all the things that we could do at the Security Council at this point,” Haley said.

Haley said the U.S. has plenty of military options, but will work with other nations to avoid them.

Trump is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

In advance of the UN proceedings, the following street closures went into effect at 10 p.m. Sunday:

1st Avenue from 42nd Street to 48th Street. The tunnel underpass from 41st Street to 48 Street will remain open
44th Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue
45th Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue
46th Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue

The FDR DRIVE will be subject to intermittent closures:
Southbound at 63rd Street
Northbound at South Ferry

The following streets will have managed access and no vehicle parking permitted:
Battery Place from Little West Street to Second Place
1st Place from Battery Place to Little West Street
Little West Street from Battery Place to 2nd Place
50th Street from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue
51st Street from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue
54th Street from 6th Avenue to 7th Avenue
55th Street from Madison Avenue to 5th Avenue
55th Street from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue
56th Street from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue
58th Street from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue

The following streets will have one traffic lane dedicated to emergency vehicles during the UNGA:

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42nd Street from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue
57th Street from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue
2nd Avenue from 41st Street to 57th Street