1010 WINS — Susan Miller always wanted to go for a ride on a motorcycle.

So a group of bikers made the blind 69 year old’s wish come true!

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Susan approached Levi Hicks and his friends in a West Virginia parking lot and asked the strangers to take her for a spin.

While they were caught off guard at first, Levi told 1010 WINS that when he found out Susan was blind and that riding on a motorcycle was on her bucket list, he wanted to make her day.

“I was definitely surprised by her coming up to me to ask for a ride,” Levi said. “When I learned that she was blind and that it was on her bucket list, I couldn’t say no. She thought it was so fun and cool to be on the back of a motorcycle. I plan to make another trip up to see her in the coming weeks.”

Susan told Levi she wanted to send a picture of herself on a motorcycle to her son and told her friend to grab her camera.

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When they started moving she screamed, woohoo and after going around the parking lot, she couldn’t stop smiling, Levi said.

“Not only did this make her day, but it made mine as well,” Levi said.

The guys plan on reconnecting with Susan soon.

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–Billie Rama