1010 WINS — An 8-year-old girl once bullied for her love of bugs is now showing everyone up by co-authoring a scientific paper.

Sophia Spencer was frequently teased by students for her unique hobby so her mother decided to reach out to scientists for support.

In a letter she wrote, “If someone could talk to her for even five minutes, I would appreciate it so much. I want her to know from an expert that she’s not weird or strange.”

The Entomological Society of Canada tweeted the letter with the hashtag, .

The response to the tweet was overwhelming, with many entomologists offering words of encouragement and support.

When scientist Morgan Jackson heard her story, he wanted to co-author a scientific paper with the budding scientist.

In the paper, Sophia wrote, “It felt good to have so many people support me, and it was cool to see other girls and grown-ups studying bugs.”