NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man aboard an oil tanker in the Atlantic Ocean was rescued by the NYPD Thursday after he was injured in a fall.

As WCBS 880’s Myles Miller the man was aboard the vessel High Courage 18 miles south of Brooklyn in the ocean Thursday afternoon. NYPD Aviation Unit Detective Christopher Maher said the unit responded immediately with aircraft and quickly arrived at the scene to render aid.

NYPD Emergency Services Unit Detective Mel Maurice said the man had passed out after falling. Police earlier said he had fallen 35 feet on the ship, though Maurice said it was not clear how far he fell.

Maurice said the man had also apparently been suffering shortness of breath, though it was not clear whether that happened before or after he fell.

Mel had been on a helicopter and was lowered down to render aid.

“When they lowered me down to the vessel out at sea, you know, I got down, I assessed him, realized he was relatively stable at that point, stable enough for us to go ahead and conduct the operation and get him up off the vessel,” he said.

He said waiting for help by boat was not an option.

“From the time that call comes in, if he’s rescued by boat, you’re probably looking at two hours from the time of the call to the time he arrives in the hospital,” Maurice said.

The man was taken to Staten Island University Hospital where he was being treated for his injuries late Thursday.