1010 WINS– When Hurricane Irma ravaged the Florida panhandle in early September, over 80,000 people lost power in the city of Lakeland.

As of  Wednesday, officials have announced that there are less than 300 repair jobs still outstanding and expect that number to sharply shrink in the next few days as customers make repairs to their homes.

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Credit: Huntsville Utilities

The incredible and fast work is thanks to dedicated linemen from around the area, many out-of-state.

Now that some sense of normalcy has been restored, the utility workers who arrived to help — some working in 16-hour shifts during the peak of the outage — have a chance to return home.

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In a Facebook video, residents lined the streets to give them a heroes send-off.

The page wrote, “Early this morning…the first round of out-of-state utilities crews left to head back to their homes after working tirelessly in Lakeland to restore power to our citizens!”

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-Joe Cingrana