1010 WINS- Today is World Rhino Day and we’re pretty sure this is the only video you’ll need to see that will get your heart aflutter for the love of this majestic beast.

Cameras at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England captured this adorable footage just in time for the big day showing Zuri and her uncooperative calf Ike in their enclosure. Ike playfully jumps on his mom seeking attention and she simply brushes him off because, well, it’s World Rhino Day and she deserves some downtime.

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(Photo courtesy Chester Zoo)

Ike the calf is one of two endangered Eastern black rhino calves born only weeks apart at the zoo earlier this year and, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it is believed that less than 650 of the animals now remain in the wild across their native Africa.

A surge in illegal poaching, driven by a global increase in demand for rhino horn to supply the traditional Asian medicine market has resulted in around 95% of all rhinos being wiped out in the last century.

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Stuart Nixon, the zoo’s Africa Field Programmes Coordinator said in a press release provided to 1010 WINS, “You’re likely to get exactly the same health benefits by chewing your own fingernails as you are taking powdered rhino horn. Yet in South African [sic] alone, more than 500 rhinos have been killed so far this year.

(Photo courtesy Chester Zoo)

“The IUCN estimates that, on average, almost two rhinos have been killed every day in Africa for nine straight years and they could be extinct in as little 10 years.

Chester Zoo is currently home to 10 critically endangered Eastern black rhinos and two greater one-horned rhinos.

“Rhinos need protecting, not poaching,” says Nixon.

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To find out more about Ike, Zuri and the Chester Zoo, visit ChesterZoo.com and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Happy World Rhino Day!

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-Joe Cingrana