NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It may be fall, but with the summer temperatures sticking around a little longer, dive in to some cool sweet treats that will leave you wanting more.

When it comes to the desserts at Clinton Hall in the South Street Seaport, the name says it all: WTF Waffles. The name may mean something else, but Executive Chef Darryl Harmon says the reaction is always the same.

“When it comes out to the table, people are like, ‘wow,'” he told CBS2’s Alex Denis.

The mega multi-layered waffle delights in s’mores, carnival or red velvet flavors. Plates are lined with chocolate and cookies. Sandwiched between the waffles are three scoops of ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce. It’s topped with an entire slice of cake or ice cream cone. The $15 creations will bring flare to your meal.

But if it’s too much, try the donut holes infused with filling. Fresh out of the oven, you can’t go wrong with this decadent dessert.

“We have salted caramel, raspberry, and Nutella,” Harmon said.

In Brooklyn off of Dekalb Avenue, you’ll find a Japanese-style treat brought to the city by Tanya Marvis.

“We went to Japan and loved all the street food,” said Marvis. “Saw these young girls walking down the street with these colorful crepes and we were like New York needs this.”

Eight Turn Crepe, which gets its name from the eight turns is takes to make one, is light treat packed with as much or a little goodness as you choose.

“We have fruit, we have chocolate sauce, custard, whipped yogurt, candies, you name it, we have it,”said Marvis.

Chose from savory and sweet flavors like New York blueberry cheesecake or pick a seasonal treat.

“For Halloween, we brought in this black sesame crepe and it became a s’mores crepe and it stayed on our menu because it was so popular and delicious,” said Marvis.

Most crepes are $9, but gelato is a little extra. Served in a cone shape with paper, they’re easy to enjoy any time of day.

The crepes are also offered in lunch flavors, including salads, so there is something for everyone.