NEW YORK (WFAN) — Bill Simmons returned to Mike Francesa’s show Friday, despite going 0-3 with his NFL picks the week before.

One topic Francesa and The Sports Guy discussed was how the Yankees, despite winning 10 of their last 12 entering Friday night, haven’t been able to gain ground on the AL East-leading Red Sox.

“They don’t really have a Game 2 or Game 3 starter that I trust,” Simmons of the Red Sox. “Great No. 1 starter, great closer. Don’t have that (David) Ortiz bat that I would just bet my life on down one run in the eighth inning, two outs, two on, like that kind of bat. But the one thing that’s encouraging (is) that there’s a real reliency in extra innings.

“All I know is this team in close games, tight games, high-pressure games, as the games drag on, for some reason they’ve been able to pull those out.”

To listen to the segment, in which Simmons also discusses the NFL and Tony Romo, click on the audio player above.

Francesa and Simmons also gave their picks for Week 3 in the NFL. To listen to them, click on the audio player below.