“Sweet Spot,” by Mike Sugerman

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – It could be the most recognizable phrase in New York: “Stand clear of the closing doors, please.”

You know his voice, but his name? Charlie Pellett.

If it’s familiar, that’s because you hear him here on WCBS Newsradio 880 from time to time. He’s part of the Bloomberg radio team that works with us at 25 and 55 past the hour for the business report.

“I love this place,” he says. “Could you tell that? I love this place.”

That’s where our story begins.

Around the turn of this century, some people at Bloomberg who knew the right people at the top thought subway announcements were too hard to understand.

“Next thing you know, we’re all asked to submit auditions to find out who’s going to be the voice of the New York City subway system,” Pellett says.

Guess who won? Others from Bloomberg do some, too, but Pellett got the prize. And he did it only once.

“The ‘stand clear of the closing doors’ you hear in the subway is the original take that we did,” he says.

There have been constant updates on others, but not the big one.

So, the most recognizable voice in New York uttering the most recognizable phrase – he must be making a fortune off of this.

“It’s a nickel a stop. Every announcement that you hear…” he jokes. “No, I don’t get paid for it. It’s strictly volunteer. It is a joy, it’s an honor.”

Who wouldn’t want to be this big a part of New York culture?

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