FARMINGVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A popular bacon festival became the scene of a serious emergency after a Humvee hit several people.

It happened on Saturday in Farmingville, emergency crews flooded the parking lot, and several festival-goers were taken away in stretchers.

Warm weather brought people to a food festival, and they described a disturbing and terrifying accident at the Bacon Bash Long Island event at the Brookhaven Amphitheater in Farmingville, Suffolk County.

Suffolk Police said a parked military Humvee — on display with no one inside — came out of gear and rolled into a 46-year-old woman.

Suzette Lamonica of Brookhaven suffered serious arm and leg injuries after being pinned between the vehicle and a food trailer.

“All of a sudden everyone heard a loud boom,” Jessica Hansen told CBS2’s Jessica Borg.

Hansen said people rushed to help the woman.

“Everyone was running and screaming and we just wanted to make sure that she was okay,” she said.

The Humvee was parked on an incline in an area filled with food and drink vendors when it rolled 30 feet.

Richard Gherardi of East Hampton was inside the trailer — also hit by the Humvee. Investigators said he was burned by cooking oil in the crash.

The scene was described as chaotic.

“After that was that people started gathering around and apparently several people were hurt, and we witnessed several different people being taken away on stretchers, being put into the ambulance,” Jay Peter Hansen said.

The Long Island Bacon Bash is a popular event at the Pennysaver Amphitheater, and Saturday’s warm weather brought out a big crowd.

The festival was shut down early after the horrifying accident.

Suzette Lamonica’s husband said she is in critical condition at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Police are investigating what went wrong with the vehicle.