1010 WINS– This rescued cow just couldn’t be any happier cuddling with the kind humans who care for her! Esperanza was recently liberated by vegan activists from a solitary life on a dairy farm and is now being raised by Chile’s Santuario Igualdad.

The once mistreated animal now spends her days running around and playing with other animals at the sanctuary including another liberated calf, Salvador.

Salvador, a male calf also born on a dairy farm in Chile and unable to produce milk, only had two options — either be put down at birth or be slaughtered for meat months later. Salvador’s fate was going to be the second option.

cow thumbnail Esperanza the Calf Gets New Lease On Life and New Best Friends

Credit: Santuario Igualdad

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After being born, he was separated from his mother and forced to live in a filthy 6×6 foot cage and given just enough food to keep him alive. While weak, malnourished, and sick animal rights activists from the NGO Animal Libre soon swooped in to save him and delivered him to Chile’s Santuario Igualdad.

18320444 1266450250089394 6954489470411811178 o 1 Esperanza the Calf Gets New Lease On Life and New Best Friends

Credit: Santuario Igualdad

Thanks to intensive veterinary treatment and care, the sanctuary says in a Facebook post that he is now recovering and living life to the fullest.

In the adorable video above, you can see Esperanza and Salvador kissing and cuddling their caretakers and roaming freely with other animals.

For more videos of their rescued animals, you can visit Santuario Igualdad on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

-Joe Cingrana