1010 WINS-Sometimes mixing business with pleasure can have adorable results.

Two love-bird teachers at Iowa’s Guthrie Center High School are preparing to tie the knot next summer after getting engaged in front of the entire school on Monday (9/25). Aaron Dose, a Secondary Science Teacher, Basketball, and Track Coach proposed to his co-worker and love interest Lyndsey Noe who is also an English teacher and Volleyball coach at the same school.

(Provided photo/Aaron Dose)

“We taught together at a previous school for four years, Mr. Dose told to 1010 WINS. “We began dating just before taking jobs at separate school districts, then dated and taught apart for one school year before reuniting and teaching together at Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center.”

While already an adorable story, Mr. Dose made it even more exciting by involving the entire student body along for the ride when he decided to pop the question.

“We spend a lot of time at the school with great kids,” Mr. Dose explains. “I thought it would
be great for the students to share in the moment with us.”

Dose knew that asking so many kids to keep a secret would be no small task, so he says he only told the minimum amount of people needed to figure out how to get kids lined up on the school’s front stairs that day. “The teachers and administration were great throughout the entire process, even though Mr. Smith (the superintendent) told the kids to go to the parking lot to pick up trash after a pep rally! That’s how he got them to the front stairs, they were a bit disgruntled until they caught on to what was happening.”

Whether or not the couple plan on involving the students come wedding day remains to be seen.

“Unsure about the big day plans” says Mr. Dose. “Although it seems, many of the students have already invited themselves!”


-Joe Cingrana


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