LARCHMONT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some Larchmont residents spent most of the morning caged up in their own homes.

As CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock explained, a turkey has been terrorizing the neighborhood.

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At first glance, the turkey trekking up the sidewalk seemed perfectly harmless.

One Larchmont mother who didn’t want to be seen on camera, but was willing to share how she spent her morning.

“We were told to stay inside by police actually,” she said.

All because of a bird.

“I didn’t think it was aggressive. It’s really, really aggressive,” she said.

She said the turkey chased several cars up the hill on Wednesday morning, pecking at them the whole time.

When town of Mamaroneck police got a call about a turkey terrorizing the quaint neighborhood, they responded in force and hired a nuisance wildlife control operator to trap the turkey.

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It didn’t quite work on the first try. The turkey escaped, and setup shop in a tree about 30 feet up.

“That turkey was the size of my 4-year-old,” Lindsey Anderson said.

Anderson told CBS2 she tangled with the turkey on Tuesday in front of her home.

“It kept following us and following us. I grabbed my daughter, ran into the road, that’s when he jumped on my back,” she said.

She took off screaming and found refuge from the belligerent bird in a neighbor’s car. The wildfowl kept circling.

“I have some spooked children,” she said.

They won’t even come outside to play.

Neighbors are watching and waiting for the turkey’s next move as it rests its feathers out of human reach.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation told CBS2 male turkeys sometimes get confused this time of year because the daylight is similar to spring when it’s mating time.