NORTH HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – The Town of North Hempstead is looking into banning leaf blowers and other gas-powered yard equipment.

John Kirby, of Kirby Designs, told WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall that without leaf blowers, he cannot do his job properly. He said he’s upset over the proposal to ban the machines for commercial landscapers.

“There’s 1,000 different uses for the blower, and to not have it – I just don’t understand how it works,” he said.

Kirby said instead of outlawing the equipment altogether, the town should only prohibit the use of them on holidays and Sundays.

“When I’m walking my dog at 8-o-clock in the morning, I agree you shouldn’t be doing it at those times. Oh it’s Easter Sunday morning, and I have company over – they shouldn’t work on Easter. People shouldn’t be using blowers on Easter,” he said. “It is a quality of life, and I agree 1,000 percent.”

The town council will hold another public hearing on the issue before scheduling a vote.

  1. Bunny Music says:

    I wish they’d ban them from everywhere! There are the most annoying things. Whatever happened to rakes?

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