HO-HO-KUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey florist is being remembered as a hero after he lost his life while saving a woman from drowning over the weekend.

Glen Carullo, 60, rescued a woman who was going under in the rip currents at Point Pleasant on Sunday, but he couldn’t get out.

He was pulled out of the waters off Jenkinson’s Beach and given CPR. He died an hour later at the hospital.

Carullo lived in Waldwick, but he spent 80 hours a week in his floral shop in Ho-Ho-Kus that he and his wife had owned for 35 years.

He’d regularly be seen at the shop at all hours of the day or night frantically, cutting flowers to make sure his customers were happy.

Many people often called Carullo a life-saver for his work, and those who knew him weren’t surprised he gave his life to save another.

“That was just Glen, he’d help you out and he’d do anything for you,” said Ernie Garbo, who owns a nearby deli.

“I’m not surprised at all, he didn’t hesitate, he just went straight in, just gave me more faith in humanity than I’ve had in a long time,” said Mimi, who lives in an apartment next door to the florist. “He was a hero and that’s what I’m going to remember.”

Garbo said Carullo was working hard this past weekend with some flowers on a very personal project.

“It was his wife’s birthday yesterday, it was his son’s anniversary yesterday,” Garbo said. “Again it’s today, and he’s not here.”

Carullo and his wife, Margaret, were expecting their first grandchild in the spring.

A wake will be held Thursday.