WCBS Newsradio 880 Celebrates 50 Years Of News In New York

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Todd Saunders & Dan Pratt used to work at Google and left to start their own Google AdWords advisory firm, AdHawk.

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“Trying to make things as simple as possible in every aspect of our lives, and that was one big part of it,” Pratt says. “We feel like advertisers of all shapes and sizes are looking for that same thing too. They just want to see the results and they don’t want to go through the 20 different steps to get there.”

“A really good analogy to it is look at trading stocks. You can do that yourself and you can try to make trades, but you know that going to a stock broker might be better. And even better than that – a stock broker that uses algorithms of their own personal machines,” Saunders adds. “That will be more efficient than anything. So you can look at us very similarly.”

Joe Connolly asks them how to surface your small business higher in Google search results and how to come up with the best key words.


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