1010 WINS-Those of us who have missed a flight can attest to the searing frustration. Some folks take a nap after re-booking, some throw a tantrum and blame the airport staff and some — like Mahshid Mazooji — dance the night away.

“I love dancing, it’s always been my passion and my outlet,” Mazooji tells 1010 WINS. “I was trying to find a silver lining to being stuck in the airport overnight. I thought, ‘I love dancing and always wanted to dance with strangers,’ so why not?”

Mazooji filmed her routine on her work iPad and enlisted as many airport staffers as she could find, using her carry-on roller as a tripod.

Although, at first, she received some weird looks while filming and security certainly kept a keen eye on her throughout the night (11 hours total!), after being escorted out of the main terminal around midnight it was just her, airport cleaning staff, and a few fellow stranded travelers.

The 30-year-old sales manager admits she’s completely shocked by her video going viral and hopes others who may be afraid to dance with strangers can use it as a learning experience.

“I met some really great individuals that night!”

Watch the full video below.


-Joe Cingrana


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