NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In response to the Las Vegas shooting, the NYPD is upping patrols at Yankee stadium for the highly anticipated wild card game against the Minnesota Twins.

Hours ahead of the game, crowds were already growing at Yankee Stadium.

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As CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported, while the fans are focused on the field, cops will have their eyes peeled inside, above, and around the stadium.

In the typical sea of pinstripes there will be more blue uniforms than usual as the NYPD ramps up security for Tuesday night’s game. There will be plain clothes officers too.

“Tonight in the Bronx, we’ll have observation teams, we’ll have counter sniper teams as well as more resources and more heavy weapons teams,” a police official said.

Safety at big crowd events was at the top of many minds on Tuesday, after thousands of fans at a Jason Aldean concert were targeted in the Las Vegas massacre.

“It’s in the back of your mind, but what can you do?” Jim Uhrig said.

“I wanna urge everyone who lives and works here, everyone who visits New York to keep coming out and enjoying the city,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.

Fans were heeding the commissioner’s plea. The visible bomb squad and K9 units on the ground and the helicopters circling above were calming to many nerves.

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“Even across the street at McDonald’s a lot of police hanging around, and inside they’re almost in every section,” Eddie Inman said.

Police were not only boosting protection in light of Las Vegas at Yankees Stadium. Since the shooter was firing from his hotel room window, the NYPD is incorporating new lessons in its training for local hotel security.

“Recognition on activity in parts of guests, explosive precursors, what do those look like? what does a gun case look like as opposed to a golf bag or regular luggage?” John Miller explained.

Police alone are never enough. The commissioner reminded all New Yorkers that public safety is a shared responsibility.

“It can’t just be NYPD. It has to be however many people are going to Yankee Stadium tonight. What is it, 50,000 people? You gotta pay attention. Take your headphones off and look around,” O’Neill said.

For as many police officers as people do see, it’s the ones you don’t see who play a crucial role in public safety — watching from windows, rooftops, and in the stands wearing regular clothes.


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