1010 WINS-This wedding proposal might not have happened if it weren’t for the power of social media!

Madison O’Neil needed a date for a wedding so she turned to her Twitter feed to solicit. Chuck Dohrmann, an acquaintance from high school, direct messaged her writing ‘Well if you still need a date I’m in!’



“We went to the same high school but had completely different friend groups,” explained to 1010 WINS. “We only had one class together and he was kind of the class clown/troublemaker, so I thought he was a little obnoxious. It definitely made me a bit nervous to accept his offer to come with me to the wedding, I really didn’t think we’d be too compatible.”

That first date at a wedding turned into a two-year relationship and now the couple is planning their own big day! Chuck proposed 6 years after he and Madison first met in high school and neither expected that a plea for a date on Twitter could change their lives forever!

“After the wedding, I was immediately interested in him, he had grown up so much since high school and was insanely handsome so it was hard not to. He treated me so well and was such a gentleman, so I was hooked.

“I’m definitely thankful that Twitter brought us together. It’s crazy to think that two years ago I didn’t really even want to take him on a date, and now I can’t imagine life without him.


“The best part about our story is probably just how much things have changed. If someone would have told me 6 years ago in high school that I was going to end up marrying him I would have thought they were insane, but now I want to be with him forever. It’s still hard to wrap my head around.”

We wonder if they’ll be able to do their vows in 180 characters or less!

-Joe Cingrana


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