1010 WINS– Artist Crystal Kaye is changing lives one doll at a time.

Kaye is now in good company with other doll companies like Hello HijabNaturally Perfect and American Girl, teaching children to embrace diversity and celebrate all of life’s little differences.

Focusing on dermatological disorders such as Albinism and Vitiligo, Kaye hand-paints her custom porcelain dolls to reflect the myriad of skin conditions affecting people the world over.

“The process can be tedious,” Kaye tells 1010 WINS. “Some dolls take a few days, other dolls might take a week.”

Crystal is not a doll maker by trade. She started out customizing jewelry like necklaces and earrings and found her porcelain calling a few months into her journey.

“I find used and new dolls at different thrift stores and yard sales. I paint and customize them, not to take away from anyone else’s work,” Kaye says. “I simply use the old dolls as a canvas.”

Crystal’s beautiful message has brought in numerous requests via social media, even reaching celebrities like actors Mike Epps and Tia Mowry who have generously helped spread the word.

For children, Kaye’s goal is to help break down barriers regarding what is considered beautiful and boost the self-esteem of those with skin conditions.

To take a look at Kay’s customized dolls, bracelets, necklaces, and more — visit her online store and follow her inspirational story on Instagram.

-Joe Cingrana