UNION CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two bikers are in custody after three Union City police officers were injured when they were hit by motorcycles while responding to a fatal crash involving a teenager and a garbage truck.

The incident began around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on 31st Street and Palisade Avenue when, police said, a garbage truck fatally struck a 16-year-old boy riding a bicycle.

Friends confirmed to CBS2’s Magdalena Doris the boy’s name was Sean Lemus. He was a student at Union City High School.

“The garbage truck was trying to turn,” said Karen Rodriguez, who witnessed the collision. “While he was trying to turn, I believe the child didn’t have time in order to brake, so he just basically went down in the bottom of the truck. So then when they realized that the child was underneath, it was too late already.”

A crowd gathered, and as the officers responded, two motorcycles barreled through the crime scene, striking the investigators, witnesses said.

“They just completely rushed through, and it was insane because I think they were trying to take this person’s body out of this garbage truck, and then this happened,” said witness Christian Ugaz. “It was just so crazy to watch as it happened.”

“One of them stopped at the light because he saw them,” Rodriguez said. “The other one didn’t have time to stop, so he just ran over them. It was crazy. It was like a movie. They all came flying up. Literally, three cops just came flying up, and they just landed on the floor.”

One motorcyclist was injured when he was thrown off the bike, and was hospitalized. His motorcycle slid under the garbage truck. Police said the other sped away from the scene but was later taken into custody.

“It came out unexpectedly and just crashed into the police officers at the scene,” said witness Angel Solorzano. “I saw at least three people on the floor.”

Aryan Acosta-Reinoso, 24, of Paterson, was charged with resisting arrest, alluding police, receiving stolen property and aggravated assault, CBS2’s Meg Baker. He appeared in court via video conference Thursday.

The motorcyclist who hit the officers has been identified as Ricardo Suazo, 25, also from Paterson. He was treated at a hospital for his injuries and is now in police custody.

“We don’t understand how they managed to get through with all the cops standing on the street blocking the way and everything,” he added.

The New Jersey State Police Benevolent Association tweeted: “Please pray for all the officers injured in Union City incident tonight. Officers have been taken to area hospitals.”

The officers had all been released from the hospital by late Thursday night. One had been admitted in critical condition with broken ribs and head trauma.

Lemus’ neighbors were heartbroken when they learned of the teen’s death.

“I was shaking this morning because it’s hard to see somebody that you know die like that,” one man said.

“He’s a very nice kid,” said Loraina Lozabo. “He’s always riding his bike, never into any trouble. He’s very quiet, always home.”

The driver of the Union City Public Works garbage truck has not been charged.