1010 WINS-Don’t act like you haven’t thought about doing the same thing when you were a kid!

Late last month, while one of the neighborhood children was riding his Power Wheels truck around outside, he noticed a bright and shiny unopened Amazon package in the corner of his eye. After driving by slowly to survey the area, he returned to swipe the loot from his neighbor’s front porch and take it back to his hideout.

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After struggling to pick it up a few times, he finally carried into the back of his toy truck and made a run for it. But his getaway didn’t last long. When he arrived home and showed mom, she made him return it.

The same surveillance camera that captured the pint-sized robbery caught the tiny thief arriving back at the scene of the crime to return the package to its rightful owner.

One of our favorite comments on the YouTube clip posted by the owner of the package is from a user named Falcon, who says: “Amazon Review: ‘USPS left it balanced precariously on drop off 1/5 stars. >:( ‘”

-Joe Cingrana


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